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Automatic update of plugins

While you can update your WordPress installation manually from your WPScale console, you can also set up automatic plugin, theme and core updates for your WordPress at your convenience !

Never be late again ! WPScale lets you update automatically or not the WordPress Core as well as your different plugins and themes, and even choose the frequency.

To do so, go to Settings>>Auto Updates and select the desired settings.

So you can:

  • Update the Core automatically or not, only for minor, or minor and major updates.
  • Choose how often to update themes and plugins, between immediate updates, 7 days after, 15 days after, 30 days after, or never update.
  • To be notified or not of new updates.

Note: Only WordPress Repository plugins can be updated; for premium plugins, you have to do it manually.


From your console, you can also update all your plugins in one click:

Select the plugins to update; by default, they’re all ticked:

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