More than a WordPress hosting, WPScale is

fast, simple, flexible and secure!

We have made WordPress hosting simple and ultra fast. We take care of everything by managing the hosting, configuration, backups and security.

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Fast and secure WordPress

Automatic backups

Intuitive and modern management

Efficient customer support

Free migration

  • Fast and secure WordPress

  • Automatic backups

  • Intuitive and modern management

  • Efficient customer support

  • Free migration

We host WordPress websites only,

But we do it very well



WPScale assures you a high quality WordPress hosting ! Fast, secure and powerful. Focus on your WordPress content and let us take care of the rest...



Our WordPress hosting is built for maximum performance. Take advantage of the power of our dedicated servers, advanced tools and tweaks from our WordPress experts you won't find anywhere else.



A secure WordPress with the best plugins and tips. Our guarantee : We ensure that your WordPress site will not be hacked. And if it does, we will fix it for you, without any extra cost. 7-day rolling backups and one on the first of the last three months. Automatic backups every night. Revert to a previous version at your convenience to a previous version with just 1 click !



Support by phone, chat, email. Our WordPress specialists team will be able to answer all your questions and requests. With a 98% satisfaction rate, join the premium WordPress hosting and get a real support.

WPScale is a powerful support

And innovative features

  • Creating a development space: WPScale clones

    Creating a development space: WPScale clones

    Clones are an identical copy of your WordPress. When you click on the "Create a clone button, a script will run and copy your database and all your content (extensions, themes, etc) to a new space. This will allow you to work/test on a development space without ever impacting the production website. Then apply your changes from the development to the production with a single click.

  • Integrity check of WordPress core files

    Integrity check of WordPress core files

    WPScale offers a feature that allows you to check in a few seconds, all the files of your WordPress core. Themes and plugins aren't the only vulnerable files. Wordpress core files can also get infections because of malicious people and are very often forgotten. It is therefore quite possible that unknown or even modified unknown files, or even modified files can be installed without your knowledge, so it is important to check the integrity of your WordPress files.

  • Centralized plugin, theme and WordPress update widget

    Centralized plugin, theme and WordPress update widget

    With WPScale (like ManageWP) you can update all your WordPress (plugins, themes and WordPress) and perform cleanups directly from the WPScale console. No more going back and forth in the WordPress dashboard, you can manage your sites simply and efficiently from a single interface with a few clicks.

  • Restore your backups with 1 click

    Restore your backups with 1 click

    WPScale automatically backs up your WordPress every night, over 7 days and on the 1st of each month over the last three months. To consult your backups, go to your console and click on "Manage", then you will be able to access to all the backups in the dedicated tab "Backups", you will be able to restore them with one click.

  • Cleaning your WordPress databases

    Cleaning your WordPress databases

    The cleanup feature, just like our WPS Bidouille or WPS Cleaner plugins, lets you optimize your WordPress site directly from your WPScale console. Delete revisions, transients and error logs with a few clicks. Gain productivity and efficiency in a modern, user-friendly and secure interface !

  • Using WP CLI and GIT

    Using WP CLI and GIT

    WPScale offers access to a terminal for simplified and secure use of WP-CLI and GIT, allowing you to interact more efficiently with your WordPress sites with command lines. The Expert mode authorizes WP-CLI commands for WordPress sites administration and GIT to manage development versions.

  • Free SSL Let's encrypt certificate

    Free SSL Let's encrypt certificate

    Let's Encrypt is available for free on all our servers and for all our plans. Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority, created in 2015, and sponsored by web giants like Mozilla, Cisco, OVH, Facebook, Scaleway, and many others.

  • Domain name from €5/year (exclusive of tax)

    Domain name from €5/year (exclusive of tax)

    WPScale offers to purchase domain names. More than 700 extensions at the best price, one of the largest new extensions offers with additions every week. 2 mailboxes of 3GB included, 1000 aliases and redirections included to redirect your emails to the right recipients.

  • Free migration, we move your Wordpress site without any extra cost

    Free migration, we move your Wordpress site without any extra cost

    You want to change your host but you don't know how to do it, or you don't have time to move your site ? WPScale offers to move your WordPress site and set up the domain name so that everything is operational. The free migration offer is available for one site and must be requested within the first month of signing up for a WPScale account.

  • Rollback and security alerts

    Rollback and security alerts

    WPScale has set up a system to inform you of security breaches related to themes, plugins, and even the WordPress core. It is essential to be kept informed that vulnerabilities exist in your WordPress site. Thanks to WPScale, you are now warned directly in the WordPress backoffice. But this system also allows you to rollback very easily different versions of plugins on all WPScale client websites. In case of a problem following a plugin update, roll back with a few clicks.

  • WPScale : a FULL GREEN host

    WPScale : a FULL GREEN host

    Ecological responsibility is everyone's business. In this spirit, WPScale has chosen to use 100% green servers for your hosting. Ecology is everyone's business, using a WPScale hosting guarantees you a green hosting and concerned about ecological issues.

  • Automatic compression of your images

    Automatic compression of your images

    As always, WPScale wants to provide useful tools to improve the security and performance for your WordPress sites. That's why we provide our customers a free premium extension (Optimus Pro) to automatically compress your images.

  • Install WordPress, theme and plugins with 3 clicks with QuickInstall

    Install WordPress, theme and plugins with 3 clicks with QuickInstall

    This is a feature that gives you the ability to create a new WordPress that includes pre-installed plugins and themes ! Most of times, when you create a new WordPress site, you usually install a small list of basic plugins. As plugins, you may be using the same theme on several of your websites, with the rise of fully customizable themes adapted to all types of WordPress sites like Divi for example. QuickInstall will save precious time, since you will be able to pre-select a number of plugins and a theme you want to install and activate automatically at the same time as the WordPress setup itself !

  • Cloning as a new WordPress

    Cloning as a new WordPress

    Available on your WPScale console, your cloning option as a new WordPress will allow you to create a WordPress site based on a site you already own ! This is very convenient if you are still using the same basic configuration on your sites, the same plugins and themes, or if you simply want to create a new website that will use the same base as another of your sites currently on your WPScale console without having to redo everything. With one click you can create a new WordPress site that is completely identical to another of your WordPress sites that has been preconfigured by you according to your your needs.

Why do our users love WPScale ?

  • slemazou

    Really great decision to switch to WPScale, great support (even with beginner questions, without feeling like you're being judged by pros), no hosting worries in 2 years, and the great feature of being able to restore a previous version. I recommend it!

  • yogibleu

    I just migrated to WPScale two weeks ago, my site was infected by a malicious code and I didn't know it. I discovered it a few days later. The WPScale team really helped me to solve my problem for free even though it was my fault. I came to WPScale for the server speed and I am not disappointed. My site gets exceptional scores in terms of speed with 97% on gtmetrix and 93/100 on google speed insight mobile. But what I found at WPScale goes much further than a high-end server with exceptional performance, indeed I found a team of professionals, listening and always available. (they answer my emails in the middle of the night on weekends, I can tell you that it never happened to me at OVH) If you hesitate because of the price, then go for it because the feeling of security that I feel while being at WPScale, for me is worth all the gold in the world.

  • tristan33

    WPScale is the assurance of having the best server for your wordpress site with a hyper reactive, efficient and professional team. What happiness! Thanks to you, Tristan

  • Jordan Lallemand

    We are very satisfied to have changed our hosting provider to WPScale! A quality service, accompanied by a hyper responsive customer service, it's really significant! Thanks for everything!!!


    Excellent, a pleasure to work with this host. Super reactivity it's very reassuring. I totally recommend them.

WPScale : Great player in WordPress hosting

Throughout the year WPScale actively takes part in WordPress events as a major sponsor. WPScale also contributes to the open source project with free plugins release WPS Hide Login which allows you to change your WordPress login URL.