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Domain name change on WPScale

WPScale offers domain name registration, so if you want to purchase and manage your domain names and email addresses directly from the WPScale console, visit our dedicated documentation.

By default, when you create a WordPress, we automatically assign you a temporary URL in the following format : user_wordpress.pf.wpscale.com.

Using a personal domain name

If you wish to use your own domain name, you can, of course. However you must make your domain name redirect to our server.

This is an operation you need to have carried out at your registrar (the company from which you ordered your domain name). You can help yourself here with this article: DNS change (Domain name redirection and domain name activation in your WPScale console).

In case of domain name transfer, we recommend you to read our tutorial : Changing the registrar in charge of your domain name.

If this domain name is registered at WordPress.com, then you must follow this article: DNS change and domain transfer from WordPress.com.

Warning: if you bought the domain name from WPScale, the DNS are already configured.

Once your domain name redirects to our servers, remember to update the links in your WordPress database by following this tutorial : Changing your links easily with SRDB.

Cancel the domain name and go back

If you no longer wish to use your domain name, you can go back and retrieve the temporary URL we provided you with when you created your WordPress, using the button "go back to the temporary WPScale domain name" on your WPScale console.

As with adding your domain name, remember to update the links in the database of your WordPress.

Changing your personal domain name

Changing your personal domain name is also quite simple. You need to follow two important steps:

  1. Go back to the Temporary Domain Name (see the part just above).
  2. Follow the first part of this article and register the new domain name in your WPScale console.

And as always, once your domain name directs to our servers, remember to update the links in your WordPress database by following this tutorial: Changing your links easily with DBSR-master.

What are the implications for SEO ?

Since we don’t block search engines, there’s absolutely no impact if you switch from another host to ourselves using your personal domain name !

However, if you change your domain name, you’ll have to notify the search engines, as they don’t know this new domain and know your site under the old domain name.

So you need to go to your account Google Webmaster Tools, and perform a redirection from the old domain name to the new.

You can do this with the help of the following articles :

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