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Changing the registrar in charge of your domain name

WPScale offers domain name registration. If you want to buy and manage your domain names and email addresses directly from the WPScale console, visit our dedicated documentation.

What is a REGISTRAR ?

The registrar is the authority in charge of managing your domain name. Once you’ve purchased your domain name or transferred the domain name, you can perform redirections to your web host, renew the domain name, manage your attached email addresses, protect it against transfers and modify whois information...

The main registers available:

  • OVH
  • GoDaddy

Many other providers use the above services.

Steps to transfer your domain name

The following steps are general, so be sure to read your provider's documentation before beginning the procedure.

  • Preparation.
  • Transfer request from the old registrar.
  • Implementation of the transfer to the new registrar.

Preparing the transfer of your domain name

There are a few mandatory points to ensure that the transfer can be completed.

Here are the points to check:

  • The expiry date of your domain name is in at least 14 days. As the transfer procedure can take several days, this delay means the registrar can avoid making the request on an expired domain, making it non-transferable.
  • Your domain name has been registered for 60 days (except .be, .eu, .fr, .ch...).
  • That the transfer protection is disabled.
  • The email of the owner or administrative contact is up to date in the WHOIS database. Since confirmation of the transfer is sent to one of these addresses, you need to make sure you can consult the emails on these addresses.

Requesting transfer

To avoid domain name theft, a transfer code is provided by the former registrar. This code cannot be issued if you’ve set the transfer block. You then have to remove the block (for example: Domain Protection in Ovh domain management tab).

Once the request for the authorization code has been made, there is a variable delay for obtaining it (a few minutes for some registrars, to about ten working days, 5 for the return of the transfer code and 5 for implementation at the new registrar).

Validation of the request is usually sent directly to the owner by email. The time frame for this validation varies, and if no validation is received, the transfer code will not be generated. The application will therefore have to be redone. Make sure you keep a close eye on your emails during this period to avoid wasting time.

Transfer code retrieval

Depending on the registrar, the code is usually transmitted by email or available on the old registrar's console.

The transfer code is case-sensitive, so you need to copy it respecting the upper and lower case indicated. To avoid possible errors, use copy/paste.

Finalizing the transfer

Once you have the transfer code, you can go to your new provider and complete the transfer procedure.

A delay of 5 days is generally given for implementing all the redirections (dns management, managing your mailboxes etc.). Don't forget to subscribe to services equivalent or superior to your previous offer (email management, redirection...).

Transfer page to GoDaddy  .

And now, all you have to do is to modify the DNS to point your domain name to your hosting provider. You can find the information for this operation in the tutorial on Changing DNS, and if you don't want to take care of it yourself, we can do it for you.

Before starting the procedure to transfer your domain names, choose your future provider carefully. Read the documentation available on the website of your former and future registrar.

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