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What is a dedicated IP address ?

A dedicated IP address is an IP address that only your website points to; it’s dedicated to your website.

So you can usually access your website by just entering this IP address in the browser, which is useful when propagating DNS, for example.

What’s the purpose of a dedicated IP address ?

You may need a dedicated IP address for two different reasons:

  • Installing an SSL certificate

If you want to display your website in HTTPS with the small green padlock in the URL address bar.

Information: The use of a dedicated IP address is no longer necessary to install an SSL certificate.

  • Mass emailing

This is recommended in order not to be impacted in case of server blacklisting, so you can continue to send your emails.

Warning: This is not allowed at WPScale, we do not accept use of the Mail function of PHP. You must always use an external service, such as Sending Blue, MailJet or other.

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