Let’s Encrypt SSL Installation

Let’s Encrypt SSL Installation

Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL on your WordPress

WordPress in HTTPS with free Let’s Encrypt SSL security certificate:
– We install the Let’s Encrypt security certificate for you
– We change URLs from HTTP to HTTPS
– We fix Mix Content problems
– Deadline 48 hours maximum (excluding weekends)
– We install SSL on your WordPress site
– Free “Domain Validation” SSL by Let’s Encrypt

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WPScale offers natively on its servers the use of the free Let's Encrypt SSL. To activate it for free, follow the tutorial https://www.wpscale.com/docs/hebergement/use-of-ssl-https-lets-encrypt-at-wpscale/.

If you don't want to do it yourself, order our Let's Encrypt SSL installation offer below:

Installing your WordPress with SSL/HTTPS

For a WordPress in HTTPS with a free Let's Encrypt SSL security certificate:

- We activate your Let's Encrypt security certificate
- We set up your certificate and change your URLs
- Deadline 48 hours maximum (excluding weekends)
- We install SSL on your WordPress site
- 1 certificate per WordPress
- Free "Domain Validation" SSL by Let's Encrypt

On browsers, the WPScale SSL certificate activates the "https" protocol and displays a padlock in the address bar, showing your visitors that all transactions are encrypted and confidential, and that your site address is authenticated. Your visitors are reassured and can carry out their sensitive actions.

Certificate management is automatic and requires no action on your part.

- Domain Validation type certificate only
- 256-bit encryption
- Site seal (icon in the address bar of your browser)

Validation and installation process
- Online validation
- No documents to send
- Automatic installation

- Browser recognition 99%
- Domain perimeter with and without www

Differences between Domain Validation and WildCard certificates

- Domain Validation is one of the most popular, cheapest SSL certificates. This hassle-free certificate is the ideal choice for sites where brand trust is already established and organisational verification is not required. It’s ideal to guarantee a low volume on e-commerce sites.

- Wildcard is a cost-effective solution for securing multiple subdomains of a single domain. Wildcard makes subdomains secure and is easy to install, saving time and effort. A Wildcard SSL certificate is valid for : www.yourdomain.com, secure.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com, etc.





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