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Web site problems due to IPV6

Unfortunately, the "IPV6" type of IP addresses sometimes cause problems with websites.

This type of IP address is not yet widespread on the Internet, so it’s not necessarily a good idea to use it for the moment.

What problems does this create ?

Your website may run intermittently, so you'll see it running and then a few minutes later, it won't, and vice versa.

You may also see the following message on your site : This site is no longer available.

Also, if you have enabled IPV6 on your router (this is usually enabled by default on FreeBox), you may have difficulties accessing certain websites.

How can I check if I’m affected ?

  • Your internet network

To check if your router has IPV6 enabled, you can simply go to an online tool that lets you test your network such as the following: http://test-ipv6.com/.

So you have IPV6 enabled if you see the following message:

Good news ! your current configuration will continue to work when websites adopt IPv6.
Your DNS server (which may be at your ISP) seems to have IPv6 access to the Internet.
  • Your domain name

To check if your domain name has an IPV6 record in its DNS zone, you can use an online tool like the following: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#AAAA/.

So you have IPV6 enabled if you see an IP address appear.

If, on the contrary, you see a red cross, then your domain name does not have an AAAA registration, and therefore does not point to an IPV6 address.

The AAAA-type record refers to IPV6 IP addresses and is equivalent to the A type record which refers to IPV4.

How to correct the situation ?

  • Disable IPV6 on your internet network.

You need to go to your router settings to disable IPV6.

If you have a FreeBox (ISP most concerned by this), you can follow this article (it shows how to activate, but it's the same operation to disable it) : http://aide.ma-freebox.fr/ipv6.html.

  • Disabling IPV6 on your domain name

You need to log in to your customer area at your registrar (the company from which you ordered your domain name) to change the DNS zone.

Once in your DNS zone, you need to delete the type AAAA record and save.

Beware: this is not necessarily immediate, and you’ll certainly have to wait a few hours for the internet propagation time.

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