Unique one-off assistance

Unique one-off assistance

You can order a one-off one-hour intervention by one of our WordPress experts on your site for €149 plus VAT.

Please create a ticket before subscribing to this option, so that we can tell you the number of hours of intervention according to your needs.
As part of one-off assistance, we can carry out the following tasks for you :

– Adding content (plugin, theme, functions)
– Installation of additional functionalities
– Creation of SECTIGO SSL certificate (valid for 2 years)
– On-site modifications, problem solving, etc.

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149,00 (exclusive of tax)

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One-off intervention:


Are you short of time to properly maintain your WordPress ?

Take advantage of the expertise of our WordPress specialists to improve your site and solve your problems !

As part of our assistance, we can perform the following tasks for you:

- Add content (plugin, theme, functions)
- Install additional functionalities
- Full maintenance
- On-site modifications
- Troubleshooting
- and so on... (see list below)

Our interventions last a maximum of 1 hour. Larger jobs requiring more than 1 hour (e.g. complete design of web pages) are outside the scope of our service and will be subject to a detailed quote.

A few examples of what we could do on your WordPress site:

  • Creation of SECTIGO SSL certificate (valid for 2 years)
  • Correct setting of URLs (permalinks)
  • Cleaning up and putting the site back online after a hacking attack
  • Correction of alignment problems
  • Adjusting the responsiveness of a theme
  • Verification of site loading time
  • Removing unused themes
  • Optimisation of site loading time
  • Adding, editing and deleting widgets in sidebars
  • Removing unused plugins
  • Adjustment and centring of images and other modules
  • Changing the font used
  • Setting the font size used
  • Adding, editing and removing widgets in the footers
  • Changing the information displayed for articles
  • Adding images to a sidebar
  • Adding and setting up contact forms
  • Adding customer testimonials
  • Implementation of web analytics
  • Adding tracking codes in theme files
  • Upgrading the WordPress core
  • CSS modification and correction
  • Correction of missing images
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Checking and adjusting the number of JavaScript scripts executed
  • Adding, modifying and deleting links
  • Adding and modifying calls to action
  • Adding advertising banners
  • Adding and configuring email collection forms
  • Adding Google Analytics tracking code
  • Installation and configuration of plugins
  • Changing the colour of text blocks
  • Inserting videos on a page</li<
  • Translation of themes from English to French
  • Correcting dead links
  • Implementation of a sharing bar on social networks
  • Adding and editing menus and submenus

For any other need, please contact us to find out if this can be done by us and estimate the time required.



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