What happens if I exceed my visitor quota ?

Posted on 8 September 2020

When your number of visits exceeds the quota for your subscription, we charge you a small supplement of €1 for every 1,000 additional visitors over your quota.

So, if your site exceeds its quota by 10,000 additional visitors, you will simply have an extra charge of €10 on your invoice.

If these overruns recur frequently, we will contact you and offer to upgrade your subscription.

For fair distribution, WPScale has introduced quotas for unique visits according to the subscriptions taken out.

Visit quotas linked to subscriptions on WPScale :

  • Personal Offer - 1 WP : 35,000 unique visitors / month
  • Professional Offer - 3 WP : 70,000 unique visitors / month
  • Business Offer - 10 WP : 120,000 unique visitors / month
  • Company Offers + 25 WP : upon written, signed quotation

Phone support

+33 972 497 264

Contact us by phone from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.




Really great decision to switch to WPScale, great support (even with beginner questions, without feeling like you're being judged by pros), no hosting worries in 2 years, and the great feature of being able to restore a previous version. I recommend it!


I just migrated to WPScale two weeks ago, my site was infected by a malicious code and I didn't know it. I discovered it a few days later. The WPScale team really helped me to solve my problem for free even though it was my fault. I came to WPScale for the server speed and I am not disappointed. My site gets exceptional scores in terms of speed with 97% on gtmetrix and 93/100 on google speed insight mobile. But what I found at WPScale goes much further than a high-end server with exceptional performance, indeed I found a team of professionals, listening and always available. (they answer my emails in the middle of the night on weekends, I can tell you that it never happened to me at OVH) If you hesitate because of the price, then go for it because the feeling of security that I feel while being at WPScale, for me is worth all the gold in the world.


WPScale is the assurance of having the best server for your wordpress site with a hyper reactive, efficient and professional team. What happiness! Thanks to you, Tristan

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