Technical Server Specification

Technical Server Specifications

High-Availability WordPress Hosting

Your site will be hosted on 2 servers based in France (Paris) and set up in parallel, one ensuring the online availability and the other identical serving for availability in case of technical incapacity of the first one. A third one is only used to store your backups.

The top-of-the-range WPScale servers:

  • 16 cores, 32 threads, 256GB RAM
  • Ideal for virtualisation and databases
  • SSD hard drives
ManufacturerDell R730 PowerEdge
Processor2x Intel® Xeon® E5 2640 v3
Architecture16 cœurs 32 threads
2x @2,6 Ghz
cache L3 20MB, x64, VT
Random Access Memory256 Go DDR4 ECC
KVM over IP hardwareyes
Hard Disk DrivesSSD
Hot-swappable hard disk (hotswap)yes
Proactive HardwareWatch® supervisionyes
DatacenterDatacenter DC3 2N
Certifié Tier III
Connectivity1 Gbit/s
architecture wirespeed G
Guaranteed Internet bandwidthPremium 750 Mbit/s
Anti-DDOS protectionArbor Networks
Private Network RPN-FE100 Mbit/s - 1 Gbit/s